Getting Started in Survival & Preparedness

Don’t Know Where to Start?

Preparedness ManualIf you are just beginning to prep, it is likely that you are a bit overwhelmed after visiting several websites and reading through them.  “Where do I start”, you ask yourself.  “There is so much to do and so much to consider”.  Prepping is a process and unless you have substantial resources, it will take some time and a lot of thought.  What is it that you are prepping for?  Maybe you are planning for a few days without water and electricity due to a weather occurrence?  Or is it stocking up on food because of a possible job loss in the future?  Could it be the possibility of an EMP that would take out our electrical grid and render us a third world country?  Prepping is a very individual act done for any number of reasons.  The reasons do not matter.  Prepping is what does matter.

Start with the basics; some bug-out bags and a three day survival kit.  Create your emergency plan and then study and read.  There are lots of material available to read by other preppers with differing experience and expertise.  We suggest for you read the many blogs and websites available on the subject of emergency preparedness and survival.  Start with the Reader’s Choice Top 50 Survival Blogs list.

As you learn you will incorporate new ideas and refine your own plan.  Here is a “list” for beginners of the basics you will want to have on hand for your disaster supply kit.  It is a great place to start.

Start With
The Basics

Short Term Scenarios

Long Term Scenarios

Typical Disasters

Self Sufficiency